Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Will It hurt?

The needles used are very fine much more so than a regular needle. Some sensation is felt but its not strong.

How Many sessions will I need?

It all depends on the condition you have. Treatment is evaluated on each visit. You do not need to pre book a number of sessions.

Is it Safe?

I am fully trained, insured and am a member of a professional organization who follow strict codes and levels of education as outlined by the World Health Organization.

What conditions will it help?

If you are not sure if your condition can be helped please do not hesitate to contact us. For a full list of conditions treatable visit the World Health Organization.

What time can I have a treatment at?

I am a full time therapist operating outside of office hours so at a time that suits you treatment will be provided.

Will It work if I am taking Western Medicine?

Acupuncture will works alongside western medicine. It is not a substitute and western medicine should always be continued unless otherwise advised to do so only by your medical team.