Female Health Testimonials

The testimonials below are from my clients and are not edited. Due to client confidentiality full names are not printed.

Irregular Menstrual Cycle - After having my second daughter my menstrual cycles became irregular. This lasted for 9 months and several doctor visits later I called Mark and arranged a apt with him. From a Doctor and Gyne aspect all was fine. During my first consultation I was amazed with the interlinking of my symptoms. I really liked how Mark explained the concepts he was working with and for the first time I actually understood what was happening.

I never had Acupuncture before but loved the treatment. I guess more so as I felt assured in the information and reasoning behind the treatment. Mark gave me home care and advise on diet, everyone should read the book he suggests to get  Why the Chinese Don t Count Calories I loved it. He also gave me some work to do in relation to relaxation and using a heated bean bag

Within the first week I knew in my heart it was going to work for me. I felt better on so many different levels. I was sleeping better, my diet was getting better (warmer), my mood was improving and I felt like I was being listened to and understood. I had three months of treatments with Mark and loved every one now my cycle is regular and I am back to the old me again.

Orla B, Drogheda

Fertility Issues - After a while trying to conceive with no success, a friend recommended acupuncture. At first I was apprehensive because I am no good with pain and have a fear of needles, but I decided to give it a try. At my first appointment with Mark I was very surprised with the treatment, I didn t find the needles painful, instead I found myself very relaxed and calm. I left feeling very positive, along with the treatment Mark had talked to me about my diet and gave me plenty of information. After 5 weekly visits I was trilled to find I was pregnant.

I continued with the treatment through my first trimester as I suffered with nausea. Acupuncture helped me fell a lot less stressed, which improved my sleep. I also found the nausea much more manageable. I now have a beautiful baby girl and would highly recommend Acupuncture and Mark to anyone trying to get pregnant or for help with morning sickness, it helped me a great deal.

C Smyth, Drogheda

PMT Issues -I went to see Mark about severe PMT but I would like to say that I had huge reservations about it as he is obviously a male therapist. My friend recommended him and I trust her so off I went.

Within a few moments I felt totally relaxed and at ease and to be honest embarrassed I pre judged him for being a male therapist. He explained everything to me as he went along in his consultation and subsequent treatment which I loved as I was able to understand the reasoning behind it all.

Two menstrual cycles later I am a changed woman, just ask my husband!

Ladies yes, he is a man but, he understands, listens and helped me.

Joan T, Drogheda

IVF Related - My husband and I had been trying to have a baby for five years and had two cycles of IVF with no success. A brief history is that neither of us have any medical issues which would prevent us from becoming pregnant it just was not happening.

Our two previous attempts at IVF were unsuccessful and we were bitterly disappointed decided to go for one final attempt. On the two previous attempts I had read literature on acupuncture but never bought into it. I called Mark a few months before our IVF was due to commence after a friend gave me his number. I chatted to him and decided to have one treatment to see what it was like.

On visiting Mark I loved his approach to treatment as he explained everything to me. IVF is a invasive mentally draining procedure and emotions are not really considered. The opposite is the case with Mark I felt like I was in counselling and he was actually listening to me and my concerns. The treatment itself I found very relaxing and from it realized how stressed I actually was.

Over the next few months I attended Marks clinic and he gave me a lot of advise on Diet, exercise and relaxation methods to help me on my journey. Each visit I loved and I could really see the benefits in a lot of areas.

The IVF this time I round not as stressful as I had a safety net in Acupuncture to keep me calm and also it helped along at the various stages of the procedure. We collected more eggs this time and were able to transfer one good quality egg and froze three (safety net). We had got to this stage before but the quality of the egg this time was better. The two week wait is the worst bit as you are on your own. I went to Mark during this time and after the session felt so relaxed. Two weeks later BINGO we were pregnant. We were delighted.

I attended Mark for Morning Sickness which helped but I would have put up with it for the nine months if it meant I had a healthy baby.

We now have a very healthy one month old Helen.

We are delighted and I would certainly recommend anyone to go to see Mark. I will certainly be back to see him again.

Jennifer B, Drogheda

Repeated Miscarriages - We have one daughter who is now five and we have been trying to have a second child for the last three years. In that time we have had three miscarriages which have been the most difficult situations to deal with. All three happened in the first trimester. Emotionally I was drained and physically I was not much better. We received little in the way of emotionally support medically but friends and family were great. Medically they could not find any reason for the miscarriages to be happening. This was a double edged sword for us as we were delighted noting was medically wrong but something was and we didn t know how to fit it.

I went to see Mark as I was stressed over the situation as my friend had gone to see him for stress related issues and found it very helpful. I found his manner very gentle and found it very easy to open up to him. I went through a lot of tissues the first few sessions. But it felt good he was listening to me and it was the first time I felt someone actually heard what I was saying and understood it. After two treatments I felt much better. I was more relaxed and my sleep quality was greatly improved.

Mark identified some Menstrual Cycle issues which through the treatment he hoped to sort out. I also was working on my diet and using my heated bean bag a lot which I loved. Over the course of a few months my menstrual cycle was greatly improved and I was feeling physically and mentally better as well. I was more positive had a lot more energy and I had lost some weight even though I was eating more food that before. We decided to try again to get pregnant and it happened first month. A good omen we hoped. We were delighted and terrified at the same time. I continued to have Acupuncture for the first trimester and had no morning sickness or any problems apart from some stress in case we miscarried again. My medical team were great and I had regular scans which reassured me.

Three weeks ago baby Thomas came into the world naturally and on time. Our family are delighted for us and we are too. We found Marks treatments and advise really helped us get to where we are to day. I loved going in to see him and found his treatments always made me feel better in many different ways. We would have no hesitation in recommending Mark as a therapist to anyone.

A & T O Neill, Drogheda