The testimonials below are from my clients and are not edited. Due to client confidentiality full names are not printed.

Pelvic Girdle Dysfunction - In the very early stages of my pregnancy I was diagnosed with Pelvic Girdle Dysfunction. The symptoms became increasingly more severe and I was referred to a physiotherapist at 11 weeks. At this stage daily functioning had become more and more difficult and to add to my difficulty I had a very active three year old to look after.

The physiotherapist treatment did help but there came a point where it made no difference to how I was feeling and I became more and more frustrated with the situation as nothing seemed to help me.

I chatted to Mark about acupuncture and massage treatment and decided I would give it a go as I had nothing to loose. The relief in my case the affect of treatment was immediate and I was to say the least delighted. If only I had gone sooner. For the rest of my pregnancy I used acupuncture with a combination of massage which gave me the ability to continue my daily life of walking and generally getting round and to keep my independence. In the early stages the affects lasted for about a week but coming towards the end of my pregnancy I needed two treatments a week.

To sum it up I would recommend acupuncture and Mark to anyone pregnant or not as in my case he eased my pain through treatment but he also listened and gave me some very simple yet very affective advise. If it weren’t for him and acupuncture I would hate to think what state I would have been in. I have nothing but praise for Mark as a practitioner as he is a true professional in his work and will strive to do what is the best for you as a person.

I now have a very active baby boy Thomas born July 2008.

H Clarke

Chronic Fatigue - I have been having acupuncture for ME (Myalgia Encephalomyelitis) also known as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. The main symptoms are constant lethargy and aches and pains. I was also finding it extremely difficult to relax.

I had spent years attending many doctors and specialists with no improvement. With Acupuncture I found each treatment gave relief to the symptoms. I found the actual acupuncture itself a very calming experience and as a result was able to relax which has helped improve my condition.

I also get some additional symptoms now and then including stomach and kidney problems. Acupuncture has alleviated these symptoms over time along with the advice that Mark has been able to offer me on my diet and lifestyle. I find the whole experience to be very professional and confidential and would strongly recommend Mark to anyone as well as recommending Acupuncture as an alternative treatment. It has certainly worked for me.

C Reilly

Back Pain - Having had a accident where I fell down some stairs and injured my upper back and neck area I found acupuncture to be of enormous benefit to me.

After my accident I had x rays of my entire back and nothing was broken with soft tissue damage as the cause of my pain. I had been taking Pain Killers as prescribed after initially resting my back. Due to the nature of my job I found it impossible to rest the area and the pain was not getting any better.

I spoke to Mark and he advised me that acupuncture should help. Off I went for my first session and I was genuinely surprised at how good my whole back felt. At this stage my lower back was now sore also. I had several sessions of acupuncture and cupping on the entire back area and the results were really good. After four sessions I had restored my initial pre accident level of pain in my back. I continued for a few more sessions as I had some old injury issues in my back and got it all cleared up.

I would recommend acupuncture to anyone suffering from back pain as I was a total novice to the idea and it genuinely helped me and the results were almost instant. Mark is professional and gave me really good back care advise and some exercises which I am still doing to keep my back in good working order.

N McEntee

Knee & Back Pain - I am in my sixties and had an intermittent pain in my knee which affected me mostly in bed at night. I am not a regular attendee at my G.P’s and even if I were I would not have mentioned it to them as I would think “here we go with and enquiry” and for which I have no patience I WANT INSTANT RESULTS. I discussed the pain in my knee with Mark and had just 1 treatment of acupuncture and I am thankful to say the treatment worked – no more pain.

My next problem, I had a pain in the area of my shoulder blade, I had pysio on it over a period of approximately 2 months and although it helped greatly an annoying niggle remained and the pysio was not getting to the root of it. Yet again I got a treatment from Mark but this time it was a different treatment than for my knee called cupping with just 1 treatment it solved my problem.

I am willing to try new ideas but only for a short period and if it doesn’t work I’m off, thankfully I can say I have not been disappointed with Mark’s treatment and would have no hesitation in recommending him to others. GIVE IT A GO believe me it is worth it.

L Cahill

Insomnia - I went to see Mark for stress relief and also insomnia. Having had a particularly stressful Christmas and new year, I found it almost impossible to switch off, relax and most importantly get a good night’s sleep. By mid January I was drained and working on auto pilot .I don’t like taking sleeping tablets so when my doctor pointed me in Marks direction I was only too happy to see if he could help.

I have never had any alternative therapies before but Mark quickly put me at ease and explained thoroughly the whole concept and practice of acupuncture. The actual treatment its-self was relatively painless, not like being stuck with needles at all! After each session I did feel relaxed and calmer. I’d say it took three or four sessions before I noted that my sleep pattern was returning and after the six week course I found I was definitely back on track. The whole experience left me feeling healed. I would recommend Mark to anybody especially if they are suffering with stress or sleep problems His knowledge and empathy alone make him a highly astute practitioner.

Brenda Mc Comeskey

Irritable Bowel Syndrome - My sister was attending Marks clinic with a back problem and advised me that I go see him as I was suffering a lot with stomach problems. I had attended several Doctors and Consultants and they had found nothing of any significance wrong with me medically. Their diagnosis was IBS.

I went to see Mark and he immediately put me at ease as he explained everything to me as he did it. Some of the questions he was asking I did find confusing, as to me they did not have any significant link to my IBS. (sleep one example) He however explained the links and for the first time I could see how they were actually interwoven especially in relation to stress.

The treatment I found amazingly relaxing and felt great for two days after it. During the course of treatment I learned to listen to my body and following the dietary advise Mark gave me to adopt my diet to assist rather that hinder my digestive system. The biggest difference I notice is how relaxed I feel now.

I had seven sessions with Mark and now if I feel that things are going off balance I go in straight away and it sorts the problem out. I would have no hesitation in recommending Mark.

Richard M, Drogheda

Insomnia -I had been suffering from sleep issues for several months and was unwilling to go the sleeping tablet route. A friend told me to try acupuncture so I looked up the internet and found Mark.

First visit I was surprised at the level of consultation involved and was equally pleasantly surprised with it. I was not nervous about the treatment itself but was amazed at how relaxed I felt during and after it. I slept soundly that night of the first time on months and followed Marks home care advise until the next apt.

I attended Mark for five treatments and now I sleep very well. I have identified the causes of the problem and am addressing them now. I am delighted with the treatments and feel confident that if the situation were to arise again I have the answer.

M Kearney, Drogheda

Sinus - I have suffered with Sinus problems for many many years and was totally fed up with taking antibiotics when I got an infection. I rang Mark and he said he could help. I was not convinced but decided I had nothing to loose.

Within a few mins I knew he was on the ball and knew what he was talking about. He gave me really good dietary advise and some really affective tips on how to alleviate the pain instantly. I had five six treatments and the difference was mind blowing. I have not had a infection now in 6 months. If I feel anything coming on I know what to do to stop it. Why didn't I do it before now.

Sandra J, Drogheda

Headaches - I had been suffering with headaches for several years and had some medical test carried out to make sure that noting sinister was at work. I knew Mark from his previous work and had met him on the street and briefly explained my problem. He convinced me to call into the clinic and so I did two days later.

I had only heard of Acupuncture and had never considered it previously as to be honest as I don t like needles. I almost equally don t like taking tablets. In the first treatment I was amazed at the amount of questions Mark was asking about my condition and as he went on he explained how they all linked in with each other to help him diagnose my problem. I was impressed but still nervous of needles!!

I had no need at all I hardly felt the needles in fact I fell asleep. After the session I was very tied and slept soundly that night. The headaches stayed away for a few days but when my stress levels rose again the headaches came back.

I had 6 treatments with Mark initially and they cleared my headaches and helped me reduce my stress levels which I now know was the major cause of the headaches in the first place. Now I go to Mark once a month to keep all in balance. Some members of my family have also gone to see him and have had good results.

J Reilly, Drogheda

Stress - My job is quite demanding and I had been feeling increasingly more stressed. This in turn was starting to affect my sleep. As I felt it was going out of control I went to my Doctor who wanted to put me on medication. I asked him for a alternative solution as I really did not want to go that route. He gave me Marks flyer with his contact details and I went to see him.

He spent a lot of time listening to me and in turn explaining how Chinese medicine worked in relation to what I was telling him. I found it fascinating and eager to try it. On my first treatment I was pleasantly surprised at how great I felt during and after it. I felt like I had slept for several hours and my mind felt very relaxed.

Over the next week I tried a few of the things Mark had suggested I did in relation to diet and exercise. I found it very useful and really started to feel the benefit. I attended Marks clinic for 8 sessions. During that time I can genuinely say I really changed an tremendous amount. My stress levels had greatly reduced, I was eating better and generally a lot happier as a person. I have no hesitation in recommending Mark as a Acupuncturist

Carl H, Drogheda

Hip Pain Sciatica - I have been suffering with hip pain over the last few years with varying degrees of severity. It had been affecting me more often and it was at the stage where I was genuinely worried about it. I heard through a friend about Mark and went to see him.

I found him very professional and he was able to advise me on a lot of issues with regard to my condition. He gave me a lot of advise on exercise and alterations I needed to make to what I had been doing. This alone made a enormous difference to my condition. The treatment itself I found very beneficial almost immediately. I also found it very relaxing.

Over the course of six sessions and me doing my home care I felt like a new man. My hip pain was gone and I felt comfortable that I was able to manage it from reoccurring as we were able to identify what was actually causing the pain in the first place.I have no hesitation what so ever in recommending Mark as a Acupuncturist and Fitness Instructor.

Joe S,Bailieborough