Many conditions which women suffer with during pregnancy can be very effectively treated holistically using Acupuncture and related Traditional Chinese Medicine Techniques.

Some of the conditions which are treatable are :

  •          Morning Sickness
  •          Muscular & Skeletal Conditions
  •          Anxiety
  •          Fatigue
  •          Itching
  •          Breech Babies
  •          Insomnia

The Chinese have used Acupuncture to assist the body naturally in child birth and use specific points and areas to assist in:

  •          Pre Birth Preparation (Cervical Ripening)
  •          Induction
  •          Acupressure in Labour (Pain Relief, Relaxation and Stages of    Labour Assistance)

They also have a specific group of treatments available to assist the mother Postnatal.

  •        Hemorrhoids 
  •        Post Natal  Depression

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