Amy reviewed Mark Bell Acupuncture — 5 star

I had treatment with Mark while I was pregnant. He was recommended to me by the midwives in the MLU. I was very well looked after. It definitely helped me with aches, pains and sleep! Mark also did some induction treatments for me and with baby arrived a day later!


 Deborah reviewed Mark Bell Acupuncture — 5 star

Mark is one of the most genuine people I know. He takes such an interest in you and trying to get the best for you. Such an easy person to talk to and puts you at ease from the moment you meet him.


Nicola reviewed Mark Bell Acupuncture — 5 star

I attended marks clinic for postnatal pain and got relief within hours of the session. Havent needed to take a painkiller since. Cannot recommend him enough. Very relaxing and painless experience.

 Lisa reviewed Mark Bell Acupuncture — 5 star

Mark has been an amazing support to me over the past few years of fertility treatments & through my pregnancy. I thoroughly & wholeheartedly recommend his practice.

I actually suffered from insomnia on and off for years before finding out I needed IVF. I attended Mark to support the IVF treatments and, incredibly, started to sleep soundly despite the stresses I was under! Mark's a miracle worker! :)


AnneMarie reviewed Mark Bell Acupuncture — 5 star

Mark is just fantastic. He is really genuine and so easy to open up to and talk to. He really helped me in the run up to and during my 2 pregnancies, sorting out pre-pregnancy problems, and making sure everything was working the way it should during pregnancy and pre-labour. He makes you feel really calm and at ease with him and he takes a real interest in the person as a whole, sorting out all your problems. I could not recommend him enough. I would never get acupuncture done with anyone else except Mark.


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